viernes, 16 de octubre de 2015

+120 downloads after 'Lulu' 0.0.8 was released (ES/EN)

Hi, I'm so happy!!

First of all, Thanks so much to all people who downloaded the preview of Lulu 0.0.8 this week.

I would like you to send me screenshots of End of Game Report, suggestions and reviews, my email address is yours :)

But  0.0.8 is history, now it's time to the next step, and what is it? The CPU player. 

We're in touch.

Estoy super feliz,

ante todo dar las gracias a todos los que os habéis descargado el juego esta semana, es un subidón para mi ver que ya van más de 120 descargas :), me gustaria que me enviarais capturas del fin del partido, comentarios, sugerencias y vuestras opiniones a nuestra direccion de correo

Pero esta versión ya es historia ahora ya hay que mirar al futuro, y el futuro es: Poder jugar contra la CPU.

En unos días más noticias, como siempre os dejo una capturilla del juego

3 comentarios:

  1. Very good fundamentals. I like it. I have a few suggestions:
    1- Pressing x doesn't end the game. You can add
    if event.type == pygame.QUIT:
    2-Pass, shoot and other keys are not global. Meaning that if you ever played FIFA or PES, you must know that S is pass D is shoot W/E is sprint. Allocating D as pass is confusing. It's a minor complaint though.
    3-Fullscreen. It's incredibly easy to implement. F11 or F12 should do the trick. Or which ever key you desire. Please add a submenu to the main menu to show all the command keys.

    1. thank you for your feedback, this is a unfinished alpha version but about your comments:

      1. it´s my fault I forgot to implement the exit key :)

      2. In this version the game keys are a test, i have to implement the graphical menu to select pass / shoot / move etc.

      3.about fullscreen it´s a bug with the game manager, if you change to fullscreen to True in display.pygame and it doesn´t works well, but in the future i´ll hope to fix it.

      thanks a lot, and sorry i´m not an english spoken.

      In the next version (coming in 2k17) i´ll add a full IA and LAN game.

      Regards from Madrid.

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